Not all addictions are related to drugs; however, these addictions can be just as serious if left untreated.

The results of any addiction can be life changing, ruining people’s lives and those of the ones around us, even if the behaviour itself is not physically devastating.

No matter what the addiction it can lead to devastating experience issues such as collapse of personal relationships,

problems at work or job loss, serious financial issues and in some cases, health problems that could become serious.

People use their addictions for many reasons. They may use their addiction for comfort or to deal with stress or anxiety, to distance themselves from their current situation or perhaps because it is the only way they know how to unwind and let go.

Sometimes it is the only way they can control their life.

How can Mindset Reset help?

Through Hypnotherapy we can get to the core issue of what started this behaviour in the first place. When we understand what experience or emotion caused this feeling, then we can clear it completely, giving you your life back.

If you would like more information on how we can help you discover the core issue of your addiction or behaviour patterns please make contact for a confidential assessment.