Obsessive thoughts and behaviours can range from simple everyday behaviours such as tidiness (e.g. placing all food tins in the cupboard with the label facing outwards) to counting numbers or doing sums in their head to the point that they can think of nothing else.

With all obsessional thoughts and behaviours, it is the degree to which the issue is preoccupying your time and/or limiting your life that is important.

For example, someone who worries about dirt or contamination may simply wash their hands carefully, maybe try and avoid using public toilets, or perhaps ensure they do not touch doors or handles in public toilets even if this means waiting a long time for someone else to open the door so they can nip through ‘untouched’.

However, place this same person under stress and they may begin to wash their hands obsessively and for some people this may become ritualistic to the point that their hands are never clean enough to leave their house.

How can Mindset Reset help?

Symptoms that are typically associated with Obsessions, although the obsessive thinker is capable of “creating” a wide range of complex and variable symptoms are: Being overly jealous or possessive over a partner, Eating Disorders (e.g. avoiding certain foods, anorexia), Constant worry about something, Sleeping problems (e.g. insomnia), Paranoia, Excessive exercise, Continual negative thoughts, Intrusive thoughts, Constant counting, Rituals (e.g. ‘if you don’t walk on the cracks in the pavement, nothing bad will happen’, if you bump one side of your body you have to match it in the other to ‘even yourself up’, always checking locks a certain number of times.

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