Picture yourself standing at the front of a crowd of people; you are there to speak to them…….. But now you have brain freeze, your mind becomes blank, you don’t know what to say, yet you have rehearsed this moment time and time again, how can you suddenly forget what you have learned?

The audience is waiting for you to deliver your presentation, you start to feel hot and uncomfortable, everyone is looking at you and you start to get palpitations and wish that the ground would open up so that you can disappear………..The truth is, at one time in our lives, we have all experienced this.

How can Mindset Reset help?

There are several different emotions that run though our minds, fooling us into believing we have forgotten information, yet we really know everything and we remember everything.

The mind is so clever, it remembers everything that we have done, but the reality is we are in that anxious, panicky, unable to breathe state and this is where the conscious mind kicks in and makes us believe that everything we have learned had been deleted from our mind.

If you are struggling with these issues then by using Hypnotherapy and NLP you can gain confidence and control back, so you will achieve the best presentation and be able to take meetings and training sessions without any of the old anxieties and fears creeping in.