Many successful Sports Personalities have used coaching hypnotherapy and NLP to help with their performance.

It is widely documented that many sports personalities have benefitted from talking therapies and these include leading people in the world of equestrianism, tennis, golf – to name but a few.   Success requires many elements including focus, concentration, self belief and motivation.

We live in a very competitive world, always striving to be the best at everything we do, sometimes we try to hard and the pressure of this actually makes us worse.

I see many people who express concerns about rising levels of anxiety spoiling their focus and concentration and ultimately their physical ability, due to the spiral of tension that anxiety creates.  We all know that loss of concentration spoils our ability to perform at our best.

How can Mindset Reset help?

The object of NLP and hypnotherapy in sports performance is to free up your motivation from negative emotions and restraints and to help you construct an enabling way forward and therefore increase your personal confidence; this way you can perform at you best and develop self belief.
Hypnosis and NLP are successful in helping with emotional and psychological problems that may be holding a person back. It goes back to a pattern of “not being good enough” or even the fact that you failed at one or more things in the past.

Hypnosis deals with our unconscious – and in simple terms, we may be running old unwanted strategies and behaviours which are actually disabling us and causing anxiety.  For example, have you ever wished away the old states of anxiety or caution that regularly creep back into your thoughts, such states that may well be linked to past events and that actually really have no bearing whatsoever on your present situation?
Using Hypnotherapy and NLP will help you to be more focused and achieve your goals, so that “hole in one” or “scoring that goal” becomes a lot easier.